Great Bay Masters Swimming 2006 New England LMSC Short Course Meters Championship
December 15 to 17, 2006: Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center, Boston MA

BU competition pool
Boston University Competition Pool
Meet Results
     · Results, subtracted splits: HTML  PDF(updated Dec 28 06)
     · Results, cumulative splits, HTML  PDF (updated Dec 28 06)
     · High Point Women HTML  (updated Dec 18 06)
     · High Point Men: HTML  (updated Dec 18 06)
     · Team Scores - NEM Workout Groups HTML   (updated Dec 22 06)
     · Team Scores - Non-NEM USMS Clubs HTML (updated Dec 22 06)
     · Team Scores - All In HTML (updated Dec 22 06)
     · 61 NELMSC Individual's Records
     · 6 NELMSC Gender Records
     · 7 NELMSC Relay Records
     · FINA world (3) and USMS National (1) records
     · NELMSC SCM Tabulations have been updated
     · Award Labels for Re-print

Meet Information
     ·  Information sheet, PDF
     ·  Individual event entry form, PDF
     ·  Relay entry form, PDF

Entries, Timeline, Psych Sheets (final post)
     · Entries by athlete, PDF (updated Dec 13 06)
     · Problems List, HTML (updated Dec 12 06)
     · Estimated Timeline, HTML (updated Dec 10 06)
     · Preliminary Psych Sheet, HTML (updated Dec 13 06)
     · Preliminary Psych Sheet By Age Group, HTML (updated Dec 13 06)

     NOTE: As of 11/29 mail the women's and men's 800 free are full.
     There is plenty of room in all events for both the Saturday and Sunday sessions.

SCM Championship Enews:
2006-12-26: NELMSC SCM Championship: Meet Recap
2006-12-08: NELMSC SCM Championship Pre-Meet Announcements
2006-11-24: NELMSC SCM Champ: entry deadlines approaching fast
2006-11-10: New England LMSC SCM Championship, Enews #3
2006-10-06: New England LMSC SCM Championship Enews #2
2006-09-02: New England LMSC SCM Championship Announcement
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ed at greatbaymasters dot org

Special Meet Features
     · EQUIPMENT VENDOR: Cabana Swimwear, serving our championship meets for many years
     · WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS: Bring your laptop with wireless card to access "live results" or surf the web for fun, or even get some work done between races.
     · MASSAGE: Tom Church, CMT

Meet Entry Cap
- if one, or two, of the three meet sessions are declared "full" by the meet director, then no further entries will be processed for the full session(s). Swimmers will be given the option to be entered in their events in the remaining session(s) per their submitted entry form and check, or to have their complete entry form go unprocessed and their entry check destroyed. Responses will be processed in the order in which they are received.
- If all sessions of the meet are declared "full" by the meet director, no further entries will be accepted, and the checks will be destroyed for entries that have been received after the meet has been declared full.

Meet T-Shirt
2006 SCM T-shirt      · Click here for full size image of meet T-shirt
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